Microsoft is returning its employees to the offices starting March 29


The year 2020 has seen quite a dynamic change of business as nearly every large company has made working from home mandatory, however, with vaccine campaigns launching in many parts of the world, organizations are looking to return to the “old” normal, and Microsoft is one of them.

According to a post written by Kurt DelBene, Microsoft’s executive vice president, the company is preparing to call employees at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, and the nearby campus. Safely more personnel on site while maintaining consistency with Washington state capacity limits. “

He added that employees have the option to “return to those facilities or continue working remotely, and they also have the flexibility to do a mixture of the two.”

Microsoft acknowledges and realizes that workplaces are not what they used to be when people were forced to work from home. DelBene noted in the blog post that the company “evaluated all Microsoft work sites to understand the adjustments needed to enable social distancing, meet local health standards and provide all employees and outside employees with personal supplies such as Antiseptic wipes and face covers to be used while on site. “

“We remain committed to providing spaces that anticipate the different ways that teams need to work together while providing the flexibility and agility that we demand now,” said Delbini. “It doesn’t look as though Microsoft has ruled out working from home altogether.” Enabling remote productivity remains a requirement. Which will include new collaboration tools, a robust cloud infrastructure and a new way of thinking about network security, we also recognize that hybrid work presents new challenges such as making sure everyone feels included and involved, regardless of role or location. ”

Microsoft currently has more than 1.6 employees and offices in 21 countries around the world.


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