Mido praises the star of Al-Ahly after his brilliance with the national team


Ahmed Hossam Mido, coach of the former football team of Zamalek club, praised B.Mohammed Sherif The star of Al-Ahly club, after his brilliance during the last period, and his distinguished participation with the Egyptian national team.

Mido said in televised statements on the Awdat al-Labs program that is broadcast on Al-Nahar channel, that Mohamed Sharif has an advantage unlike other players in Egypt, which is that he plays with his left foot like the right, with the same efficiency.

Mohamed Sharif, the striker of the first football team at Al-Ahly club, participated with the Egyptian national team during the Kenya and Comoros matches, in the African Nations Cup qualifiers, the first as a substitute and mainly the second.

And Mohamed Sherif succeeded in scoring a goal and making another during the Egyptian national team match against the Comoros Islands, which ended with the Pharaohs winning 4-0.


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