Minister of Irrigation: Egyptian constants for preserving its water rights in any agreement on the Renaissance Dam


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Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Minister of Water Resources, chaired late yesterday evening the symposium organized by the Egyptian-Canadian Business Council and the Egyptian Business Council for International Cooperation under the title “Egypt’s Water Future … Opportunities and Challenges”, to discuss the water challenges facing and affecting its water security in The country’s water resources remained limited.

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Ati, Minister of Irrigation, said in press statements that the developments of the Nile water issue and the current position regarding the negotiations on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam were reviewed, and Egypt’s clear desire to complete the negotiations, stressing Egypt’s principles in preserving its water rights and achieving the benefit for all in any agreement on the Renaissance Dam.

The Minister of Irrigation added that during the symposium, it was emphasized that Egypt sought to reach a fair and binding legal agreement for all that meets the aspirations of all countries in development, with the emphasis that the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and its impact on the waters of the Nile River is one of the major challenges facing Egypt now, especially in light of unilateral measures. What the Ethiopian side is doing with regard to filling and operating the Renaissance Dam, and the huge negative repercussions that result from these unilateral measures that will not be accepted by the Egyptian state.

Abdel-Ati stated that Egypt supports development in the Nile Basin countries and African countries, explaining that Egypt has constructed many rainwater harvesting dams and underground drinking water stations to provide clean drinking water in remote areas far from water bodies with the use of solar energy technology in a large number of wells. Groundwater to allow the sustainability of its operation.

The Minister of Irrigation indicated that Egypt has also implemented projects to purify waterways and protect against the dangers of floods, establish many fish farms and river marinas, and the ministry’s contribution to preparing studies for multi-purpose dam projects to provide electricity and drinking water to citizens in African countries, in addition to what Egypt offers in The field of training and capacity building for technical cadres from the Nile Basin countries.

Abdel Atti added that these challenges require exerting strenuous efforts to confront them, whether at the societal level through the citizens’ awareness of the importance of rationalizing and preserving water from all forms of waste and pollution, or at the governmental level through the implementation of many major projects that the state is implementing or through development. Legislative.

The Minister of Irrigation stated that in terms of legislative development, the ministry has prepared a draft law on water resources and new irrigation, which is currently being discussed in the House of Representatives, and aims to improve the process of developing and managing water resources and achieving fair distribution to all uses and beneficiaries, and protecting water resources and the waterways network from all forms of encroachment.

Abdel Atti pointed out that in terms of major national projects aimed at rationalizing the use of water and maximizing the return from the water unit, the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation is currently implementing the national project for the rehabilitation of canals, which aims to improve the management and distribution of water, and the delivery of water to the ends of the tired canals, in addition to the economic and social returns And the cultural and environmental tangible.

The Minister of Irrigation stressed the importance of the projects implemented by Egypt to rationalize the consumption of irrigation water by working on the national project to shift from flood irrigation to modern irrigation systems by encouraging farmers to make this transformation, as these systems represent a clear importance in rationalizing water consumption.

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