Ministry of Health: 138 Corona vaccines receiving centers will operate from tomorrow (list


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Tuesday 23 March 2021

Books – Ahmad Jumaa:
Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, announced the increase in the number of centers receiving Coronavirus vaccines to 138 centers, health units and hospitals nationwide, as part of the expansion of vaccination centers to facilitate the deserving groups of citizens, as part of the state’s plan to address the Coronavirus pandemic and pay attention to public health For citizens.

Dr. Khaled Mujahid, Assistant Minister of Health and Population for Information and Awareness and the official spokesperson for the ministry, explained that according to the directives of Dr. Hala Zayed, the number of centers has been expanded and increased from 40 centers to 138, which will be implemented from tomorrow, Tuesday, referring to the work of 5 centers today, they are (Sheikh Hospital Zayed Specialist, El-Zaitoun Specialist Hospital, Heliopolis Hospital, El-Mataria Teaching Hospital, Health Insurance Conference Center, Cairo Branch).

Mujahid added that 33 centers have been allocated in Cairo governorate to receive vaccinations (Al-Nuzha Medical Center, Al-Katameya Medical Center, and Evangelical Conference Center – affiliated with the Public Authority for Health Insurance in Shubra, Heliopolis Hospital, Al-Matariya Teaching Hospital, Al-Zaytoun Specialist Hospital, Delta Medical Center, Al-Nahda Old Medical Center. Andalusia Medical Center, Family Health Center, Matareya Comprehensive Clinic, Saray El Kobba Medical Center, Al Khaleej Al Masry Medical Center, Beirut Health Office, Sixth Medical Center, Seventh District Medical Center, Court Medical Center, Third Compound Medical Center, First District Medical Center, The 100-meter medical center, the Abbasid child care center, the study medical center, the Abdeen medical center, the Asmarat 3 health center, the al-Maqsi medical center, the new urban Tunisian medical center, the ancient Egypt child care, the Ain al-Sira medical center, the Saqr Quraysh medical center, Khubairi Medical Center, Tora Medical Center, Megawra 5 Medical Center, Sitt Khadra Medical Center)

Mujahid added that 24 centers have been allocated in Giza Governorate (Sheikh Zayed Specialist Hospital, Vaxira Center, Meet Okba Health Center, East Fayoum Medical Center in the October Administration, the Center of Excellence for Specialists, Nazlet Al-Samman Medical Center, Kafr Nassar Medical Center, Kafr Nassar Medical Center Tohormos, Bulaq Al-Hadar Medical Center, Al-Munib Medical Center, Tanash Medical Center, West Airport Medical Center, Aziz Ezzat Medical Center, Al-Talabia Center, Konisa Center, Al-Mu’tamiyyah Center, Shabramant Center, Saul Center, Kafr Turk Center, Al-Tarfaya Center, Nakla Center, Al-Barajeel Medical Center, Al-Bawiti Medical Unit, Behrams Center)

He added that (Nasser Institute Hospital, Kafr Shukr Hospital, Family Medical Center in Sindion, Hijazi Medical Center) have been allocated in Qalyubia Governorate, and (Ismailia Complex) has been allocated in Ismailia Governorate, and (Nasr Hospital) in Port Said Governorate, in addition to (Sharm el-Sheikh International Hospital). ) In South Sinai Governorate, and (Al-Areesh General Hospital) in North Sinai Governorate.

He pointed out that 19 centers have been allocated in Alexandria Governorate (African Center for Women’s Health, Al-Amrawi Family Health Center, Al-Mafrouza Family Health Center, Mandara Family Medicine Unit, East Medina Hospital, San Stefano Family Medicine Center, National Dana Family Unit, Apis Family Medicine Center 2, Hospital Children of Raml, taking care of Muharram Bey’s child, Ophthalmology Hospital, Sadr Al-Gomrok clinic, Ibn Sahlan family medicine unit, Al-Qabbary hospital, Abdul Qadir automated slaughterhouse unit, Nasiriyah family medicine unit, Bitash family medicine unit, Dekheila family medicine center, old tower family medicine unit ).

3 centers have also been allocated in the New Valley Governorate (Farafra Medical Center, Dakhla Medical Center, Kharga Medical Center), in addition to the Family Health Unit in the neighborhoods in the Red Sea Governorate, as well as Aswan Chest Hospital in Aswan Governorate, and Luxor Fever Hospital in Luxor Governorate, in addition to allocating 7 centers In the Sharkia governorate, they are (the hepatitis unit at Sa`diyin Central Hospital, the puppet unit in the Health Administration in Fakous, the Fever Department at Hehya Central Hospital, the 29th district center in the Tenth of Ramadan Administration, the Medical Center in the Abu Hammad administration, the Medical Center in the Belbeis Administration, the Second Zagazig Health Center)

He mentioned that the European Project Family Health Center has been allocated in Qena Governorate, and also 3 centers have been allocated in Sohag Governorate, they are (Sharq Child Care Center, Balina Medical Center, Urban Medical Center), in addition to 4 centers in Assiut Governorate (Nazlet Bakour Health Unit, Health Unit) Zaid Bouq built the Neonatal Health Center, Al-Iman General Hospital).

4 centers have also been allocated in Minya Governorate (Samalout Model Hospital, Al Qais Unit, Qalandoul Medical Center, Future Youth Medical Center), in addition to the Mubarak Family Medicine Unit in Suez Governorate, Beni Suef Specialist Hospital in Beni Suef Governorate, and the Medical Center in Kiman Fares in the Governorate. Fayoum.

In addition to 7 centers in Dakahlia Governorate (Sinbillawain General Hospital, Mit Ghamr Central Hospital, Belqas Central Hospital, Dikirnis General Hospital, Urban Center in Manzala, Maternity and Child Care Center in Batalkha, Mansoura International Hospital), and the Heart and Digestive System Center in Damietta Governorate, as well as the allocation of two centers in the governorate. Beheira (Dunchal Teaching Hospital, Damanhour National Medical Institute).

The Heart Hospital has also been allocated to the Hospitals Complex in Marsa Matrouh Governorate, and 4 centers have been allocated in Kafr El Sheikh Governorate (New Qaleen Hospital, Desouq General Hospital, Sidi Ghazi Central Hospital, Hamoul Health Office), in addition to 7 centers in Gharbia Governorate (Mahalla Liver Institute, Health Office Thani Kafr El-Zayat, Health Administration Bureau in Samannoud, First Health Office in Basyoun, Qutour Central Hospital, Zefta Specialist Hospital, Saeed Medical Center)

4 centers were designated in Menoufia Governorate (Menouf Fever Hospital, Future Housing Family Health Unit, Ashmoun Health Center, Shebin El-Kom Health Center).

“Mujahid” pointed out that the steps for citizens to obtain the first and second doses of the emerging corona virus vaccines take place through more than one stage, starting with registration on the website,, then the eligible categories are divided during registration on the website, To 3 groups in line with internationally recognized priorities, and the citizen chooses the group to which he belongs, where the groups include workers in the medical sector, or groups most vulnerable to infection from non-medical workers, who are people with chronic diseases and the elderly, then an appointment is set for the registrants on Site, and they are contacted and directed to the vaccination center in their governorate; To receive the first dose of the vaccine.

Mujahid continued that as soon as the citizen goes to the vaccination center, his data is reviewed through the national ID card, and any medical reports for citizens with chronic diseases are reviewed, in order to obtain informed consent, and then the citizen moves to the waiting areas until his turn is to move. To the informed consent room, subject to the application of preventive and precautionary measures, and social distancing measures.

Mujahid added that after the citizen moves to the informed consent room, which is the second stage in the steps for obtaining the first dose of the vaccine inside the vaccination centers, all his inquiries are answered, and the terms of approval are explained through the available medical staff, and the citizen’s data is reviewed and verified. Fulfill all documents, and in the event that the citizen is unable to read and write, he applies a fingerprint in the presence of a neutral witness, and the concerned doctor signs the form, and a copy of it is given to the citizen to keep.

He explained that the third and final stage in the steps for obtaining the first dose of vaccines is the vaccination room, in which the identity of the citizen is confirmed, and the vaccine is injected in the top of his arm, then the concerned nurse confirms that the citizen has received the first dose on the special automated system of the Ministry of Health and Population. With the vaccine, recording its date and setting the date for obtaining the second dose, indicating that there are clinics dedicated to vaccination centers to follow up citizens after receiving vaccinations in the event that any minor or moderate side effects appear, in the interest of the safety and health of citizens, as these steps are also taken during the second visit of the citizen To get the second dose of vaccination.

“Mujahid” indicated that citizens who received the “Sinopharm” vaccine will receive the second dose 21 days (3 weeks) after receiving the first dose, while those who receive the “Astrasnica” vaccine will receive their second dose 12 weeks (3 months) after receiving them. The first dose.

It is noteworthy that an office has been allocated in health units and hospitals at the level of all governorates of the Republic to register citizens of eligible groups who are unable to register on the website to obtain the new Corona virus vaccine.

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