Mo disappeared for the first time, and prices range from 3 pounds to 250 pounds


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The Corona pandemic spoiled the joy of Egyptians with Ramadan lanterns this year, especially with the increase in the number of virus infection during the recent period.

In the Mansheya market in Alexandria, one of the most important wholesale markets for the sale of lanterns, decorations and necessities of Ramadan, copper and wooden lanterns made of Egyptian tents are stacked in the shops, amid a moderate turnout before the advent of the month of Ramadan, due to the high prices and the shortage of imported products, amid a state of “apathy” and lack of Carelessness as a result of the increasing infection with the Coronavirus, and the lack of reason for citizens to celebrate Ramadan lanterns, in addition to the difficult economic situation and the high cost of living.

The prices of lanterns range from 3.5 pounds for a wooden medallion lantern and 3 lanterns at 10 pounds, while the prices of large lanterns range from 75 pounds to 150 up to 250 pounds depending on size and quality. Foreign-made “Chinese” lanterns competed with the local Egyptian industry in prices. The prices of Chinese lanterns ranged from 60 pounds to 150 pounds, but their quality is not good. Cotton brides are “Buggy and Tamtam”, at 25 pounds, the lowest price reaches 200 pounds, while the “Mo” lanterns of the Egyptian player, Mohamed Salah, disappeared for the first time from the markets of Alexandria.

Medals in the form of a tent lantern printed with pictures of characters and symbols, as well as the Qur’ans that were displayed in the form of “the Holy Kaaba” were spread to bring customers to buy them.

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