Mockery of a fighter’s break, a sign of victory .. 3 iconic images in a Qin crisis


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Wednesday 31 March 2021

Books – Abdullah Owais:

Over the course of 6 days, the delinquent ship in the Suez Canal held the breath of the world economically, as everything is threatened, as a result of the suspension of navigation movement in the busiest and most important lane. However, the crisis has ended, and navigation has returned again, leaving details that are considered by some to be the most important in the world of navigation and ship movement in the modern era, leaving also icons represented in three images, which will continue to bear witness to what happened.


Last Wednesday noon, the General Authority of the Suez Canal published pictures showing its efforts to float the delinquent Panamanian ship, by 151 km, numbering the canal, and among the images, a digger hardly appears next to the huge ship, which is equivalent to 4 times a football field, with a length of 400 meters And a width of 59 meters, with a total payload of 224 thousand tons. The picture was mocked, and turned into a joke that roamed social media. Some likened it to dreams and reality, salary, spending, going and helplessness. While the rig continued to work to remove the sand and expand the location of the ship stranding, not to push it as some claimed or to delude, which was explained by Lieutenant General Osama Rabie, head of the canal authority, when he said that “the process of widening the road in front of the ship is important in order to re-float it, as the depth in The middle of the Suez Canal is 24 meters, but on the runways it drops between two to three meters, which confirms the importance of drilling in front of the ship. But that did not stop the torrent of mockery from the rig.


The work remained based on floating the ship, the dredgers and tugs arrived, the situation became clear to the officials, and an elaborate plan was put in place to save the situation and restore navigation to the important global artery, and the dredges extracted about 27 thousand cubic meters of sand. And a picture spread like wildfire, of one of the workers reclining, and behind him the giant ship “Ever Given”, and the expressions of irony also spread, so a comment says that this is the case of the Egyptian worker who claims to understand everything while he does not know anything, or other comments talking about the person Who knows the course of all things, but he decides to take a break to drink a cup of tea, and then simply return to the world his balance, according to his daily work. This agent is named Ahmed Ezzat, who is known as “Zoe”.

Ezzat has been working for the Suez Canal Authority for 17 years, and before that photo that was taken Sunday night, the man had worked for 17 hours in which he did not sit or rest, and he had to fix some faults in two locomotives, and this was done inside the water and not on the sidewalk: You could not feel my leg, and we were over our turn to enter the locomotives to work, and the tension and movement of the boat began. ” The young man works as a technician on the locomotive, Baraka 1, and during an attempt to tow the ship a problem occurred: “The wires were interrupted, and they called me to fix the wires.” Ezzat did not mean to show off that picture, it was just a warrior’s rest, working long hours without a break. Despite the cynicism and the state of frustration that prevailed over some who had nothing to do with the work in the organization, the young man was gathering strength and his focus to work in the best possible way.


“It was a relief, man,” said Ali Al-Awami, as he was preparing himself and his companions to take a picture with each other documenting their work during those critical days in the Suez Canal, before the man shouted hysterically as he grew up; For his friend Ahmed Ibrahim to take a picture of him, it had a great luck spreading on social networking sites, some even compared it to a picture crossing the Brleef line, and if the matter included an exaggeration according to the man, this made him happy: “The photo was not prepared for it, we were experimenting with photography, and suddenly The ship moved, and this was my reaction. ”Al-Awami, who has 17 years at the authority, works as a technician to operate and maintain diesel equipment, on the dredger is famous:“ This photo was an expression of the joy of all the workers, and he responded to all the mockery of us.

In extremely dangerous conditions, the young man was working with his companions. The depth of digging under the bottom of the boat reached 18 meters, and despite the great celebration that the men watched for what the workers in the Suez Canal Authority presented, a call from his children and his wife made him happy afterwards: “When he met Your children will call you and tell you that we are proud of you, Papa, for I have mine in the whole world. ”

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