Moez Masoud commenting on his picture accompanied by Hala Shiha and his children: With my beloved heart


The preacher Moez Masoud revealed his latest photo with his wife, the artist, Hala Shiha, through his official account on the Instagram site, where the two appeared together with the children of each of them, and commented on it by writing, “With the beloved of the heart, may God bless us and you in all our children.”

This is not the first time that the couple appears together with the children of each of them, as they did the same two weeks ago, through a picture published by the artist Hala Shiha on Instagram at the time and wrote about it, “Praise be to God, a beautiful day with the family, our Lord preserves for us and you all our children “.

Hala Shiha and Moez Masoud
Hala Shiha and Moez Masoud

The duo Moez Masoud and Hala Shiha celebrated their marriage contract last month, specifically on the ninth of February.

The love story of Hala Shiha and Moez Masoud began several months ago, and the rumors prolonged a solution at the time, but they did not comment in the affirmative or negative, while the story of their love appeared on June 13 when the preacher Moez Masoud published, through his Instagram account, a picture of him holding a guitar. She said: “Hi Moez Main, who took the picture,” to which Moez would reply: “A very important person.”

Moez Masoud on Instagram
Moez Masoud on Instagram

On December 2, and after a period of rumors and news about their association, the star Hala Shiha announced her relationship with the Islamic preacher Moez Masoud, through her account on the “Instagram” website, after giving her a song with his voice entitled “The Fighter”, where he said, “I recorded my song that I wrote in a year.” 2007, which is a gift for you, girl … Our journey is one far from everyone now. “

Hala reposted the song, commenting on it, “I feel every word in your song .. Yes, our journey is one and I am proud that you have dedicated it to me .. You have a lot to offer .. I cannot wait to see everything.”


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