Mohamed Mounir announces his football affiliation and the secrets of Amr Diab


The artist, Mohamed Mounir, revealed the details of the song “Cairo”, which he presented with the artist Amr Diab, confirming that “the plateau” is his brother and his friend, and that they are advisors to each other.

He said, during his meeting with the program “Your Excellency,” with the media, Issad Yunus, and broadcast on the DMC satellite channel: “I received a call from Amr Diab at 4 am, and he told me about the duet, and at that time I told him to bring the director, Sherif Sabry, because he got used to it, and because the director and photographer appointed If she doesn’t like you, photography is not good. “

Regarding the scene in which he appeared during the song while speaking to the plateau, he said: “Everyone is asking about this scene. We used to tell very secret words about our youth and I was defeating Amr because I was much frozen from him.”

“Mounir” revealed, with an unexpected surprise, about the football club that he is currently supporting, that he was a fan of Zamalek, but currently he loves Al-Ahly players.

He added that he used to support the Al-Ahly team in the World Cup and continued their match against Bayern Munich.


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