Mohamed Mounir backs down from encouraging Zamalek .. Was Al-King serious in his speech? (Video)


King Mohamed Mounir revealed that he was one of the biggest fans of Zamalek club, but now he loves Al-Ahly players, indicating that he is also a big fan of Bayern Munich, and at the time of the Al-Ahly match and Bayern Munich was encouraging Al-Ahly, during the fourth part of a special episode with Al-King in The program “Your Excellency” with the artist and journalist Esaad Younes.

The official page of the Al-Ahly club interacted with the announcement of the great singer Mohamed Mounir that he would back off his encouragement and admiration for the stars of the Red Castle.

The page published a picture of Muhammad Mounir signing on the Al-Ahly shirt as a gift to the stars of the Red Genie, and commented: “To my children, all players are my love for you forever, and racism falls … always in our hearts, O king.”

Your Excellency’s program shows the meeting of the King Mohammed Mounir in 4 parts, after the first and second episodes were shown on Monday and Tuesday.


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