Mohamed Mounir: My role in “A day passed and a good day” was for Ahmed Zaki and Faten Hamama I refused to represent him


King Muhammad Mounir narrated the scenes of his standing in front of the screen lady Faten Hamama in the movie “A Day Passed and a Good Day”, during his meeting with the artist and journalist Isaad Younes on the program “Her Excellency” broadcast on the dmc channel.

King Muhammad Mounir said: “My role in the movie A Good Day Has Passed in front of the lady of the screen is in fact it was the role of Ahmed Zaki, and Faten Hamama was refusing to play this role because it was a bad role, and it will not work for me at all, under the pretext that my features are good, so how can I do a role?” Wicked, and she was with us in the movie Simon and Abla Kamel. ”

And Mohamed Mounir added: I worked with my beloved Sherihan, may God have hands in her hands, health, and she is one of the most beautiful girls in Egypt, and all the work team of fate was wonderful, and Youssef Shaheen was a student of Mina. Khaled al-Nabawy and I trained on horseback riding. I went the first day and the next day and after that I stopped going; Because I have a phobia of the horse, but I went again at the end for the turn. ”

And in a video report, during the episode, star Laila Alawi said: I am a fan of Muhammad Mounir. We met in concerts and festivals, and we were close to some of the places in the movie “Al-Masir” and I met him very sensitive and nostalgic and he helps those around him. In his feelings, and the length of the filming period in the harmony between us the original Nubian and his love for Egypt, the homeland and the Nile, and for the human being is very strong, and my life is not exhausted to hear Munir in all its stages, he is a king diligently and this love is from God, O Munir, our Lord pleases you and your hands of health and wellness. You want it. ”

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