Mohamed Mounir reveals the reasons for not marrying and having children until the age of 60


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Artist Mohamed Mounir revealed the secret of his remaining single until the age of 60 years, explaining that he did not refrain from the husband, and indicated that he was surprised at his reaching that age.

Muhammad Mounir said during his hosting with the journalist, Isaad Younes, on the dmc channel: “Love exists by moving from heart to heart. I cannot live without love, with the love of my family and the love of all people.”

Regarding not getting married or having children, he said: “I did not intend not to marry or have children, but I was surprised and found myself at the age of 60, and he opened the door, not saying no, and I could marry the first day or after it at any time, and I and my partner, and there is love every day and the second, but our Lord gives us the health”.

It is noteworthy that the artist Mohamed Mounir has finished recording the first songs of the series “Choice 2”, which is scheduled to be shown at the beginning of the scheduled month of Ramadan.

Mohamed Mounir said in exclusive statements that the song bears the name of the lost poet Nasreddin Naji and composed by Ahmed Farhat.

And Mohamed Mounir blew a surprise by preparing to record the second song of the series Choice 2, which is scheduled to be recorded at the end of next week.

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