Mohamed Mounir: You were Zamalekawy, but now I love the Al-Ahly player “Tire”


King Mohamed Mounir revealed that he was one of the biggest fans of Zamalek club, but now he loves Al-Ahly players, indicating that he is also a big fan of Bayern Munich, and at the time of the Al-Ahly match and Bayern Munich was encouraging Al-Ahly, during the fourth part of a special episode with Al-King in The program “Your Excellency” with the artist and journalist Esaad Younes.

Superstar Ilham Shaheen said in a video report during the episode: “One of the best times I spend in my life is the time I spend with Mohamed Mounir and I and all of Shaheen’s family, old and young in the family he loves, and Munir Biyas relationship is a family relationship, not just a friendship.”

In another video report, artist Essam Karika said about Al-King: “Muhammad Munir even has no one like it, neither the one before it or the one after it, I mean, we can meet someone who resembles Abdel Halim, but Munir is not.”

As for the singer Ali Al-Hajjar, he said: “Munir is ten years old and one of the people close to me, and we always call to him when we hear that he is tired and I excuse him because sometimes when you call the phone will not be at his side.”

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