Mohamed Mounir: Youssef Chahine wrote the song “Hadouta Masriya” on his grave, and he used to consider his throat


King Mohamed Mounir revealed his first film work, “Hadouta Masriya” in 1982, and behind the scenes of the film with the great director Youssef Shaheen and the star Yusra, and Mohamed Mounir said, during his meeting with the star Isad Younes in the “Your Excellency” program, broadcast on the dmc channel: ” The first movie I made in 1982 was the movie “Hadouta Masriya” and it was with Habiba Omri and the star sister Yusra, and she was thin and I was thin and we had problems with photography, and I made a historical song “Haduta Masriya”, and Youssef Shaheen Azim wrote the words of the song “Haduta Masriya” on his grave.

And in a video report during the episode by the great star Yusra, during which she said: “I and Munir are similar to some of our companions and Gidaa Awi and Tebeen. The first time we met each other closely was in“ Hadota Masriya, ”which is the first film by Muhammed Mounir. He came to himself because of his companions, and he was very tired when he came to comfort me in my mother, and I will never forget this situation for him, and there are many situations between us that I will not be able to talk about, and Munir is a brother, friend, dear, and proud of me. And to all Egyptians, and may God protect you from all evil and your hands are health and wellness. ”

King Muhammad Mounir added: Youssef Shaheen used to consider me his throat and voice in the movies, and if he wanted to yell someone who would annoy me, and if he wanted to insult someone who insulted me, and he would do this with me from the first Egyptian story.

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