Mohamed Saad: Happy with the response of the beloved fans to the “Boldness Pills” promo


Comedian Mohamed Saad expressed his happiness with the audience’s reaction to the promo of his new song Boldness Pills, which he presented yesterday, and said in his statements to “The Seventh Day”: “I did not expect all this success for the promo, and for the viewership to reach 8 million. Thank you to my beloved fans who always support me and find them in my back.”

The artist Mohamed Saad indicated that this song came by chance, as it was about a dramatic work until a friend came to me, and suggested putting it up in this way, which he did, and it was a promising start that might encourage the selection of other suitable songs to be presented.

Saad had revealed his new song entitled “Haboub Jarra”, which he returns to his fans after a long period of absence from a release that enriches his voice, and “Saad” his fans’ longing for the song by putting up a small section of it through his account on the “Instagram” site, and it appeared in the video clip while performing The song, accompanied by a caption: “Wait for my new song, Pillars of Audacity“.

The star, Mohamed Saad, had launched a new account through the “Tik Tok” platform, to be more connected with his fans who use this platform, as he posted the first video on his account, and appeared through him with his dogs announcing the launch of the account, saying: “I stayed on Tik Tuk morning morning the sweetest people

It is noteworthy that Muhammad Saad’s last cinematic work was the movie “Muhammad Hussein”, which was shown in 2019, and co-starred Samir Sabry, Bayoumi Fouad, Muhammad Tharwat, Mai Selim, Faryal Yusef, Wizo and Hamdi al-Wazir, and the film directed by Muhammad Ali.


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