Mohamed Saad pictured with Amr Diab and Ahmed Helmy: Friends of a lifetime


The star Mohamed Saad, his followers and fans, participated in a new photo in which he appears with the plateau Amr Diab and the star Ahmed Helmy, in their most recent appearance. Saad commented on the photo he posted on his Instagram account, saying “Friends of a lifetime.”

The picture quickly received a large number of comments and likes, shortly after it was published on the social media platforms, in which the plateau appeared in the middle of Saad and Helmy.

Saad had revealed his new song, “Haboub Jara”, which he returns to his fans after a long period of absence from releasing songs with his voice.

Mohamed Saad, Amr Diab and Ahmed Helmy
Mohamed Saad, Amr Diab and Ahmed Helmy

The star, Mohamed Saad, had launched a new account through the “Tik Tok” platform, to be more connected with his audience who use this platform, as he posted the first video on his account, and appeared through him announcing the launch of the account, saying: “I stayed on Tik Tok Subh Morning to the sweetest people“”

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Saad’s last cinematic work was the movie “Mohamed Hussein”, which was shown in 2019, and co-starring Samir Sabry, Bayoumi Fouad and Mohamed Tharwat.

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