Mohamed Salah removes Ramadan Sobhi from the leadership of the Olympic team in Tokyo


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The Olympic team, led by Shawky Gharib, has resolved the controversy over the captaincy of the Olympic team in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, scheduled for next month.

Mohamed Salah, the player of the first national team and the Liverpool team, will be the holder of the captaincy of the Olympic team if Liverpool agrees to join him during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, according to Alaa Abdel Aziz, director of the Olympic team, on the sidelines of the Egyptian team training.

He pointed out that Taher Mohamed Taher Najm Al-Ahly is the captain of the Olympic team during this period, especially in the absence of Ramadan Sobhi, who was injured during his team’s match in the Confederation Championship.

Shawky Gharib, the technical director of the Egyptian Olympic team, decided to enroll Mohamed Salah, the star of the first Egyptian national team and Liverpool, England, in the initial list of 50 players to participate in the Tokyo Olympics 2021, which begins next July.

Shawky Gharib revealed during his press statements that he decided to put the name Salah on the list in order to preserve the chances of the player joining the Olympic team until the conclusion of negotiations and contacts with his English club and the matter was settled.

He continued: “Mohamed Salah and any player who wishes to include him must be included in the initial list in order to preserve his chances of joining pending the final list, and that the preliminary list of the Pharaohs for the Tokyo Olympics 2021 includes 50 players, according to FIFA regulations.

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