Mohamed Samy apologizes to Angham for singing the sequels of the series “Nassl Al-Aghrab”: The songs did not receive a response


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Director Mohamed Sami apologized to the star Angham for singing Tatars and the songs of the series “Nassal Al Ghurab”. Sources close to the work revealed that Angham provided a song for Tatar and other Rubaiyat songs during the events, but the songs did not appeal to Mohamed Sami, especially as they are not in line with the nature of the drama. El-Saedeya is presented in the work, so Mohamed Sami apologizes to her and decides to search for a singer or another to sing the Tatar.

The duo, Angham and Muhammad Sami, were looking forward to cooperating with each other in the songs and songs of “the descendants of the strangers”, especially due to a good relationship between the two. In one of the television interviews, Angham said that Mohamed Sami is her favorite director and that she wishes to work with him.

It is known that Mohamed Sami has a lot of experience in choosing the songs of his series, which have achieved great success, such as the song of the series “With the Persistence” of the star Elissa, the song of the feelings of the star Sherine Abdel Wahab in the series “The Story of Life”, as well as the song Fooq Baqa by the singer Reham Abdel Hakim for the series The legend, and the song Al-Asham by the singer Ahmed Saad Ltter, the Prince series.

Muhammad Sami continues to intensively shoot scenes of the series and take additional hours to finish the remaining scenes in the work according to the plan he developed in agreement with Synergy Company, which produces the work, and at the same time the producing company continues advertising operations after the launch of posters and promo, which met with wide public reactions, before launching The series was shown exclusively on ON TV during Ramadan.

“Naseel Al-Ghurab” written and directed by Muhammad Sami, starring Ahmed Al-Sakka and Amir Karara, Mai Omar, Firdaus Abdel Hamid, Diab, Naglaa Badr, Edward, Ahmed Malik, Ahmed Dash, Menna Fadali, Muhammad Alaa, Muhammad Mahran, Muhammad Juma, Reem Sami, Malak Ahmed Zahir, Hadeer Abdel Nasser, Salwa Othman, Ahmed Fahim, Emad Ziada, Enaam Al-Greetly, Hamdi Heikal, Ahmed Majed, Layal Abdel Khaleq

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