Mohi Ismail expresses his opinion of Muhammad Ramadan and the latter responds


Follow-up: Nazik Issa

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, responded today, Tuesday, to Mohi Ismail’s opinion about him as an actor.

During a symposium honoring him at the tenth session of the Luxor Festival of African Cinema, yesterday, Monday, Ismail explained that Muhammad Ramadan is an unprecedented talent and has fingerprints in cinema. Calling the artist Ramadan to avoid recent mistakes. Pointing out that he does not hurt to show off his cars.

For his part, Muhammad Ramadan shared a video clip for Mohi Ismail’s praise, and commented on his opinion, saying: “A testimony I am proud of from the able artist, Mr. Mohy Ismail.”

On Monday, Muhammad Ramadan was presented. The official and full promo of his new TV series “Musa”, in preparation for its showing in the month of Ramadan.

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