Mohsen Ahmed: I was always on my mind and was in the cinema before I had a stroke news


The famous director of photography, Mohsen Ahmed, sent a sad message revealing his feelings in the current period after his suffering with the disease.

Ahmed wrote through his Facebook account: “The truth of those who said who is far from the eye is far from ….
Before my stroke and my cinematic presence, I always thought and thought. ”

Director Mohsen Ahmed denies his retirement from filming

He continued: Today … the state of the world, praise be to God, is a mandatory addition: To prevent confusion, I do not mean to work … at all.

Mohsen Ahmed worked as director of photography in many of the most important Egyptian films, including: “The Wife of an Important Man” starring Ahmed Zaki and Mervat Amin, “The Stalker” starring Nour al-Sharif and Suhair Ramzi, “The Network of Death” starring Nadia al-Gendy and Farouk al-Fishawi, “Kit Kat” starring The late artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, “The Women Market” starred Hussein Fahmy, Sherihan and Mahmoud Hamida, “Zheimer” starring Adel Imam, Nelly Karim, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Rania Youssef and Ahmed Rizk.

He directed many works of art, most notably “Mr. Abu Al-Arabi arrived,” the series “The Family House,” and the movie “The Mysterious Man in His Safety.

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