Mona Zaki: We filmed “Newton’s Game” in America, and then the state closed … and the last plane flying from Los Angeles followed | Video


The actress, Mona Zaki, said, during her hosting of the program The Insider in Arabic, that the experience of filming the series “Newton’s Game” in America over a period of 16 days was very sweet and very stressful, and they did not feel due to filming and daily work that the state closed with the Corona pandemic.

Mona Zaki embodies in the “Newton’s game”, which is scheduled to be shown in the Ramadan 2021 season, the character of the agricultural engineer “Hana Salem Al-Sayed”, and about the features of fear that she appeared in the series’ promo, she said, “Sometimes a lot of words are cut and their education is raised in fear, and in people He gets sick and is prone to real mental illnesses. She is a character with great fear, and in a struggle between the trio (she, Muhammad Mamdouh and Muhammad Farraj).

Regarding the significance of the name of the series, she said: “Every action has a stronger reaction than it, and this is what actually happens in events. How does everyone walk with his brain, and sometimes his reaction remains stronger than what happened?”

She added, “A day before we walked, we decided to drop off everybody who buys what they want, eh, we discovered every caravan need in the state in which we are in, and we did not feel that I had a lot of filming and work every day and we did not follow any needs. I discovered that my plane was the last plane that took off from Los Angeles before Great Close. ”


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