Mostafa El-Feki: Egypt’s military operation against the Renaissance Dam is a complicated matter


12:04 AM

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Books – Muhammad Khamis:

Dr. Mustafa El-Fiqi, writer, thinker and head of the Library of Alexandria, said that the statements of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed about the second filling of the Renaissance Dam while not harming Egypt are an extension of the policy of evasion practiced by Addis Ababa, pointing out that Ethiopia does not recognize the historical right of Egypt and Sudan to the waters of the Nile.

Al-Feki added in a telephone interview for the “Happening in Egypt” program on the “Happening in Egypt” channel today, Tuesday, that Abi Ahmed’s statements cannot be taken as goodwill, and there are many global voices calling for the withdrawal of the Nobel Prize from Abu Ahmed, because his actions It does not want peace, rather it wants to suffocate neighboring countries by preventing water and is not characterized by Africa and its spirit, which is very absurd, especially since we accepted the mandate of the African Union to solve the Renaissance Dam crisis, explaining that there is a very great similarity between the Ethiopian and Israeli policy in dealing with the other party.

He continued, that presenting the issue of the Renaissance Dam to the UN Security Council is besieging Ethiopia and supporting Egypt’s position, explaining that there is no Ethiopian response to end the Renaissance Dam crisis at all, and that the Renaissance Dam problem has become one of the major problems at the continental level.

And the head of the Library of Alexandria added that the problem of Sudan and Ethiopia does not stop at the dam only, there is an attempt by Ethiopia to push refugees to Sudan, explaining that Ethiopia is trying to differentiate between Egypt and Sudan, and there are countries that support it, such as Eritrea, and Sudan feels that there is an attempt to besiege it regionally, but the relations Egypt and Khartoum are in their best conditions, and we support Sudan in everything that affects its security and stability.

He pointed out that the file of the water dispute began in the whole world, and a direct confrontation between Sudan and Ethiopia cannot be ruled out, stressing that the United States of America is the biggest pressure to solve the Renaissance Dam crisis, and Britain is able to find solutions to the problem of the Renaissance Dam.

Al-Fiqi explained that international relations are based on interests only and everyone has their own agendas, and the more diplomatic and political pressure from America increases, the matter may change from Ethiopia, stressing that Egypt’s undertaking a military operation against the Renaissance Dam is a very complex matter, as it is a process that must be studied. It has international support and the Green Line from major countries in the world.

He stressed that the damage in the event of a military operation is not in the interest of any country, and we hope that a solution will be reached that makes Ethiopia accept the matter that represents justice, international legitimacy and the issue of international rivers, explaining that the Egyptian position in the Renaissance Dam crisis is balanced, and President Sisi manages the Renaissance Dam crisis wisely and far from positions Irritated and ill-advised adventures.

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