Mostafa Mohamed ends his passport crisis ahead of the Kenya match in the African Nations Qualifiers


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Mustafa Muhammad, the striker of the national team and the Turkish Galata Saray team, ended the crisis of his new passport and was able to obtain another during so that he could travel with the national team for the Kenya match scheduled for next Thursday 3/25/2021.

It was reported in the past two days that Mustafa Muhammad was unable to travel to Kenya after his passport was stolen in Turkey during the last period and he came to Egypt with a temporary document that did not enable him to travel with the national team to the Kenya trip, but the player ended all matters with his new passport and confirmed his travel with the Pharaohs for the match The next African.

Mustafa Muhammad, the Turkish Galatasaray attacker, was robbed while he was shopping in an Anatolian street.

The report added that Mustafa Muhammad is facing a crisis during the next few years, especially as it is possible that he will not join the national camp during the coming period due to his passport being stolen from inside his bag.

The report confirmed that the Anaconanda is currently trying to obtain another passport to join the national team camp scheduled to begin a few days from now, especially as it has become one of the main pillars within the national team.

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