Mustafa Darwish reveals the truth about Sherif Desouki’s status in a clinic


03:20 PM

Monday 22nd March 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Artist Mostafa Darwish denied the fact that the artist Sherif Desouky entered a sanatorium, as it has recently spread through social media.

“Darwish” published a picture that gathered them together, on his personal page on the “Facebook” site, and commented: “Sabaa Sherif Desouki is fine, group, and there is no word that he is in a clinic, nor is this talk. For the same story, this is how long we are in this world. ”

He added, “A certificate of truth is one of the best, guiding people and the most moral and respectful of them. I continue with him, and your comfort is good, praise be to God.”

Sherif Desouki achieved great success in the series “B 100 Wesh”, which was shown in the race for the last Ramadan drama, starring Nelly Karim, Asir Yassin, Mustafa Darwish, and directed by Kamila Abu Zekry, and produced by Jamal Al Adl.

And the artist Sherif Desouki is currently screening in the cinemas, the movie “A Man’s Stand”, and the work starring Sayed Ragab, Bayoumi Fouad, and Majid Al-Kadwani, in cooperation with Muhammad Salam, in addition to the guests of honor, Sawsan Badr, Safaa Al-Toukhi, Eman El-Sayed, and the work is produced by companies. Synergy Films, Egyptian International Films, and New Century Magic Beans.

Seba ‘Sherif Desouki is fine, group, and there is no word that he is in a hospital, nor is this talk is fine, and the way he is, but some very normal work problems with …
Posted by Mostafa Darwish on Monday, March 22, 2021


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