Mustafa Muhammad arrested at Cairo airport and prevented him from traveling



Mustafa Muhammad arrested at Cairo airport and prevented him from traveling


Officials of the Egyptian Football Association seek to end the crisis of the national team player, Mustafa Mohamed, the striker of the Turkish Galatasaray team, after he was arrested at Cairo airport and banned from traveling due to conscription.

Members of the tripartite committee headed by Ahmed Mujahid are making intensive efforts to end the crisis of the player seeking to travel to Turkey, after he faced some administrative errors related to his travel inside the airport, which caused delay in his travel, in order to attend training after his participation with the Egyptian national team, in the Kenya and Islands matches. the moon.

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Mustafa Mohamed was exposed to a new crisis at Cairo airport, which prevents him from completing his travel procedures to Turkey, as the player went to Cairo airport to finish the travel procedures, but his travel was not possible until some of the procedures that the Football Association failed to finish, especially the recruitment file, where the player is still Of conscription age.

“Jabaliya” officials contacted officials at Cairo Airport, in order to solve Mustafa Muhammad’s crisis, especially that the player must travel as soon as possible in order to attend Galatasaray training, in preparation for facing the Turkish Hatay Sport team, scheduled for next April 3, Frame matches of the 32nd round of the Turkish Football League.

This is the second crisis that Mustafa Muhammad is exposed to in a short period, after he was exposed to a theft accident in Turkey and lost his passport before extracting a travel document to join the team, which is what actually happened, and a passport was obtained for him, but the travel procedures have not yet ended and there is The player is in Cairo airport waiting for the crisis to be resolved.

Source: Agencies


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