“My son came back safely.”


11:15 PM

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Books – Sameh Ghaith and Muhammad Ayman:

The moments of sadness turned into happiness for the family of the baby who was kidnapped from Abu Al-Rish Hospital after his return home.

The infant’s father, Muhammad Hamada Rajab, expressed in a live broadcast on the “Masrawy” Facebook page, on Wednesday evening, of his happiness, saying: “Praise be to God, my son has come back safely.” Thanks to God Almighty and the efforts of the police in following an escape line The perpetrators revealed their identity through cameras and the arrest of the accused and his wife, who was accused of impersonating a doctor and kidnapping the child from his mother in Abu Al-Rish Hospital in Mrs. Zainab.

And the baby’s father continued: “I was very sad when I came in contact, that my son passed away, but hope returned again after we found the child in an apartment for the perpetrators in the Al-Marj area.

Regarding the defendant’s motives for kidnapping the child, the infant’s father added: – The accused was married to a person, and in order to be able to marry another person, she kidnapped the infant to pressure him and threaten him to marry her.

The Public Prosecution ordered the detention of the two accused of kidnapping the child from Abu Al-Rish Hospital.

The prosecution confirmed in a statement today, Wednesday, that it heard the testimony of the mother of a baby who was kidnapped on the twenty-first of this month, after she went to (Abu Al-Rish Children’s Hospital) for treatment. Her identity card, so she turned to that, then came back, and found out that the child had kidnapped her.

The Public Prosecution requested police investigations about the incident, which resulted in the accusation being committed by the accused and her husband. Because she wants to raise a child because she is unable to conceive.

While the accused denied the accusation attributed to him, claiming that the defendant brought the child to him and understood him that he was the son of her sister to raise him, and that, based on her wish, he posted publications on social media that included the allegation that the kidnapped child was attributed to him to justify his presence with them.

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