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By Cheaply fixed

Revealed Egyptian actress Nabila Obeid Her stance on any artwork that embodies her story, refusing to present her autobiography in a dramatic work.

The book “Nabila Obeid’s Cinema” was recently published, which dealt with the artistic works of the Egyptian artist, Nabila Abid, since the beginning of her cinematic work in the early sixties.

The Egyptian actress said that the book talks about her artistic career only, beginning in 1963 through the film “Rabaa Al-Adawiya.”

Pointing out that the book does not tell secrets about her personal life.

On her position on any artistic work that deals with her personal biography, she said that she refuses to present her biography in a dramatic work.

Nabila Obeid sent a message to her fans, saying: “I hope you like the new book, and realize how you got tired and sacrificed for the sake of cinema.”

And about its newness, the Egyptian actress said that there is a second part of the series “Sukkar Ziada”, which was shown last Ramadan and met with great success.

She revealed that the second part will be a continuation of the events that occurred in the first part, which was shared by Nadia Al-Jundi, Samiha Ayoub and Hala Fakher.


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