Nancy Ajram with her team, and she announces a new activity this Ramadan


The artist is back Nancy Ajram From Cairo, after she finished filming an advertisement for a telecommunications company, to be shown in the blessed month of Ramadan.
Nancy commented on the photo that she published on her Insta Story account: “We returned from Cairo after finishing filming the Etisalat advertisement that will be shown in Ramadan 2021.”

Nancy Ajram and her team
Nancy Ajram and her team

And Nancy Ajram appeared in the picture with her work team, consisting of her business manager Gigi Lamara, hair stylist Tony Sawaya, her office manager Maghal Fadel, makeup artist Fadi Qataya, distributor Basem Rizk, and Rita Bargashi.
Nancy Ajram is experiencing a stage of artistic activity. During the last period, she released three songs, the first a few days ago on the occasion of Mother’s Day, titled “My Mother,” and the second entitled “Beirut Female” after the Beirut Port explosion. Badge for the series “Rahwa”, which will be shown in the Ramadan 2021 season.

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