NASA deploys a small helicopter on Mars … Full details


NASA is targeting a deadline of April 8 to launch an Ingenuity Mars helicopter on Mars to make the first attempt to fly a powered and controlled aircraft on another planet, but before the 1.8-kilogram helicopter can attempt its first flight, it must verify And her team has made a series of terrible achievements.

According to the NASA satellite website, this helicopter is linked to NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft, which landed on Mars on February 18th, and on March 21, the rover deployed the graphite shield composite in the shape of a guitar case that protects Ingenuity during the landing.

Perseverance is expected to spend the next two days in the Ingenuity flight area on Mars, and NASA expects that the first test flight of the helicopter will take place “no later than the first week of April.” The teams operating Ingenuity and NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover have chosen the flight area where The helicopter will attempt its first powered and controlled flight on another planet.

According to NASA, “the rover will deploy the helicopter and provide environmental monitoring and imaging support, and it will also host the Ingenuity base station, allowing communication with mission observers on Earth,” while NASA’s innovative Mars helicopter is the first plane humanity sent to another planet to try Energy-controlled flight.

If his pilot flight test program succeeds, the data returned could benefit future explorations of the red planet – including those by astronauts – by adding the atmospheric dimension, which is not available today.


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