NASA explains the reason for the false fire alarm on the International Space Station


It is noteworthy that the international station crew reported on Wednesday, March 24th, that sirens sounded about a fire and low air pressure at the station. But after examining all the equipment and units of the station, they made sure that there was no air leakage and that there was no fire. Later, experts informed the station crew that the false alarm was caused by an error in the operation of the Crew Dragon’s programs.

An expert at the Houston Space Flight Management Center told astronaut Victor Glover, “We are aware of what happened earlier in the day. It was a collision of a charged particle in the Crew Dragon’s electron module.”

This caused a false alarm to be launched from the spacecraft, and the alarm system on the International Space Station interacted with it, indicating that the vehicle’s electronic unit is currently operating normally.

It is reported that the Crew Dragon spacecraft docked with the International Space Station in November 2020 and is expected to separate from it and return to Earth at the end of April – early May.


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