NASA is preparing to launch its first helicopter flight from an airport on Mars next month


  • Jonathan Amos
  • BBC reporter

Ingenuity helicopter on Mars
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The Ingenuity helicopter will start its first flight mission in the Martian atmosphere, which is lighter and less dense than the Earth’s atmosphere.

The US Space Agency (NASA) has said that it expects to make its first flight on Mars with a helicopter unmanned aircraft that will fly and land from a small airport on the surface of the Red Planet in early April.

NASA succeeded in transporting the small helicopter to the surface of the Red Planet by means of the Perseverance spacecraft, which landed dramatically in the Jezero Crater area, more than a month ago.

The 1.8-kilogram helicopter dubbed Ingenuity will attempt to make short jumps in the loosely or slightly dense atmosphere of the Martian surface.

NASA said that if the helicopter succeeded in flying on Mars, it would be “a moment of success for the Wright brothers on the first flight to the planet.”


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