NASA spacecraft finds 2,200 potential planets


NASA’s Trans-Planet Reconnaissance Satellite satellite has easily achieved its goals, as the space agency revealed that its spacecraft has detected more than 2,200 potential planets since it began its mission in 2018.

Hundreds of them are smaller planets, and some may include rocky, Earth-like worlds (although they are not necessarily habitable), according to Engadget.

TESS was expected to find 1,600 planets in its first two years and also some unusual discoveries for sure, including that the rocky planet TOI-700 d is only 100 light-years away, and LHS 3844 b is a “super-hot Earth” with a very close orbit of 11 duration. Hour, the TOI 1690 b is the rare survivor of a red giant star swallowing planets in its orbit, while TOI 849 b appears to be a gas giant that either has lost its atmosphere or has no envelope.

But it’s not guaranteed that every discovery will stand up to scrutiny as only 120 planets have been confirmed so far, and NASA is betting on future spacecraft like the James Webb Space Telescope to study the candidate planets in more detail.


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