National team doctor: Ramadan was injured .. I fear for Tariq Hamed


Mohamed Abul-Ela, the Egyptian national team doctor, confirmed that Ramadan Sobhi, the Pyramids player, missed the last “Pharaohs” camp at the end of the African Nations Cup qualifiers due to injury.

In statements to “On Time Sports,” Muhammad Abu Al-Ela said: “One saying Ramadan Sobhi was injured, why should I declare something clear to everyone?”

Ramadan Sobhi was criticized after returning to participate normally with Pyramids at the end of the international suspension, amid accusations, which the national team doctor denied, that he was not injured.

Abu Al-Ela added: “During the Egyptian national team matches, I am afraid of Hamid’s ways because of his strong confrontations, especially when the game and the clash ends. I am very anxious, but in the end I cannot work on modifying his performance.”

The Egyptian national team doctor added, “It is very difficult for us to convince Ahmed Hegazy or Mohamed El-Niny specifically that they will not participate for medical reasons. This is a very difficult matter with this particular pair.”

Abu Al-Ela ended: “There are players who do not know how to express their pain or the type of their injuries, and the most prominent of them is Abdullah Al-Saeed, especially since he was not exposed to a large number and different types of injuries, so it is difficult for him to complain about injury.”


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