“Nawal” that passed from here!


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Fate did not spare Dr. Nawal Al-Saadawi, so he chose her to leave on a day that is not like all days, and that was as if it were a double honor at the end of her career on the day of departure!.

She died on March 21, which does not coincide with Mother’s Day only, but also coincides with the beginning of the spring days, and that will remain a reason to restore her life on this day every year! .. She lived, may God have mercy on her. She feels that her country does not give her the status she deserves, so fate sided with her and went away. He compensates her on the day of departure, as if he gives her from the honor what she lived waiting for, and then as if he gives her what she did not get in her life!.

And I think that this honor has a reason .. Heaven knows that Nawal Al-Saadawi lived true to herself, just as she was true to others! .. Honesty had a value that surpasses all values ​​.. and if she was not honest, she would not be the writer that we knew, nor was she a friend. The opinion that we followed, not the woman, the situations that we lived through!

I was visiting her for years in the Women’s Solidarity Association, which I established in the Muneera neighborhood, and the association was a luminous beacon in its days, and there was no woman in the country who was able to light the association as Nawal Al-Saadawi did .. I still remember a time when she came to Dr. Faraj Fouda and the writer Safinaaz Kazem. And I put them on the podium, talking! .. It was an unforgettable day .. and it ended with the withdrawal of Safinaz Kazem, angry at the dialogue.!.

We used to communicate during her last years, and she used to laugh as she told me that her opponents could not bear her presence, and that they spread rumors about her death every period, and that she read published rumors and laughed from her heart at the gullibility of opponents who did not notice that her departure was in the hands of her Creator alone.!.

And when she announced her intention to run for the presidency in 2005, she was taking a step that no other Egyptian dared to do .. just as her appearance on the cover of the American Time magazine in 1981 was her way to a land that no other Arab woman had gone to.!.

When she gifted her book, “My Memoirs in the Women’s Prison,” I saw in it rare courage, not only in the ability to express opinions without fear, but also in the eagerness to express what she saw without calculations, reconciliations, and balances! .. Her writings remain, and from which he will be recognized. People are more on this wonderful lady after her departure, and whenever they read her in a book, they will remember that a strong woman once passed from here.!.

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