Nebeh Berri warns that Lebanon will sink like the “Titanic” unless a new government is formed


Mass protests

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Lebanon was threatening to plunge into darkness before parliament approved a loan to the electricity company

A senior politician in Lebanon warned that the country could sink “like Titanic” if a new government was not formed for the country.

“The entire country is in danger, the country has become Titanic. And if the ship sinks, no one will survive,” said Nabih Berri, the speaker of the Lebanese parliament.

Lebanon is still without a government for 7 months after the resignation of the previous government in the wake of the devastating explosions of the Beirut port that shook the entire country.

This catastrophe coincided with a severe economic crisis that pushed half of the country’s population below the poverty line and sparked a state of anger and resentment that prompted citizens to go out in mass protests calling for the removal of the political elite from power, the elite they accuse of corruption, administrative failure, and neglect.

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