Netanyahu raises the voices of internal Arabs in Israel with a promise to fly directly to Mecca (video)


date of publication:
March 23, 2021 13:12 GMT

Update date: March 23, 2021 15:35 GMT

The Israeli Prime Minister and leader of the “Likud” party, Benjamin Netanyahu, published a statement, on Tuesday, directed at the 48 Palestinians in Israel, at the height of the electoral process, stating that “the coming period will witness the start of direct flights from Israel to Mecca.” Which means an attempt by Netanyahu to mobilize the votes of the Palestinian electorate.

The statement, which was published on Netanyahu’s Twitter account in Arabic, accompanied by a translation into Hebrew, said, “I have great good news for the Muslim citizens of Israel. A direct flight from Israel to Mecca, the dream will come true! Get out and vote today and bring 3 friends. ”

In recent weeks, Netanyahu has been keen on rapprochement with the Palestinian public in Israel, which represents nearly 20% of the population and suffers from numerous crises, on top of which are violence and inequality.

The leader of the “United Arab List” party, MP Mansour Abbas, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, caused a major crisis that the “Joint Arab List” faced after announcing his defection. This caused the Arab voice to disperse between the two lists, amid fears of a decline in the percentage of Arab representation in the Knesset.

In the meantime, and following the start of the elections for the 24th Israeli Knesset, on Tuesday morning, the head of the “Midgam” polling institute, Manu Geva, said that the current election battle may be the most complex compared to the elections in recent years, and it is difficult to guess which blocs will be able to achieve A total of 61 deputies vote, which enables it to form the next government.

In an interview with “News 12” channel, Givaa confirmed that all indications confirm that the right-wing bloc led by Benjamin Netanyahu won 60 seats, as well as the competing bloc, indicating that even with the closing of the polls this evening, it will be difficult to be certain of the winning candidate.

He added that these elections are witnessing a state of uncertainty, and that the percentage of hesitant votes reached nearly 4% in each bloc, and the only candidate who did not specify his destination is Naftali Bennett, the leader of the “Yameena” list, who left the door open for debate over the person who would recommend his formation. the government.

He assumed that if Netanyahu strengthened his position during the last hours, he would ultimately be at the expense of both the “religious Zionism” list and the “right-wing” list, which means that the matter will not be different, as it is assumed that the two lists are among the accounts of the 60 votes that will be received. On it is the bloc led by Netanyahu; Which means little change.

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