New American action on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis


Today, Wednesday, the Saudi Al-Sharq TV channel revealed a new American move regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis.

The channel quoted diplomatic sources as saying that a US envoy will arrive in Sudan next week to discuss the border crises and the Renaissance Dam with Ethiopia.

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry had said that Ethiopias insistence on the second filling of the Renaissance Dam without an agreement harms the Sudanese people.

She said that Khartoum does not want to go to war with Ethiopia, stressing that it supports the peaceful solution of border issues.

With regard to the Renaissance Dam, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry affirmed that “Ethiopias insistence on filling in without an agreement harms the Sudanese people and exposes them to a direct danger.”

She added, “We renew our call on Ethiopia to reach an agreement on the process of filling and operating the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.”

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