New evidence belies Megan Markle’s claims about secretly marrying Harry before the royal wedding


Megan Markle’s allegations about her secret marriage with Prince Harry, before their royal wedding, sparked widespread controversy after her statements in a meeting with her husband, the Duke of Sussex, with the famous American media, Oprah Winfrey, in early March, but recently new evidence has emerged that belies the allegations of Megan Markle. Concerning the secret marriage.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Duchess of Sussex claimed that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, consummated her marriage and Harry, three days before their royal wedding, which was watched by millions of people around the world, but the Public Registry Office recently revealed the couple’s wedding certificate for the first time, which proved They got married on May 19, 2018 in a lavish ceremony at Windsor Castle, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.


The official who drafted the marriage certificate says Megan is clearly confused, and clearly misleading, about the wedding. Stephen Burton, the former chief of staff at the Public Registry, added to the newspaper. The SunThey were not married three days ago before the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The report, published by the British newspaper, indicated that the marriage certificate that completed the marriage in St George’s Church in Windsor, during the royal wedding on May 19, 2018, and was watched by millions around the world, this was the official wedding as recognized by the Church of England and the law.


And the British official added, “What I think they did is exchange some simple promises that they might have written themselves, which is a modern thing, and they said that in front of the Archbishop, or more likely, it was a simple rehearsal.” We got married three days before our wedding … and no one knows it. ”She also indicated that she and Prince Harry asked the Archbishop to conclude their marriage in secret at Nottingham Cottage – in their home on the grounds of Kensington Palace, but the former chief of staff at the General Registry confirmed that no They could marry in the Nottingham Cottage grounds because it was not a permitted place, and he added that there were not enough witnesses to make it a valid ceremony.

Burton also said, “In order to marry, a special license has been drawn up and the wording has been registered from the Queen that allows the wedding and the official venue,” noting that the fee of £ 325, which is usually paid to spouses who have a special license, has been waived for the couple.


The marriage certificate confirmed that the ceremony was held at Windsor Castle, where witnesses were recorded as Prince Charles, and Megan’s mother, Doria Ragland, while a spokesman for the Archbishop said he would not comment on personal or pastoral matters.

“When I called Lambeth Palace to ask about this, I was told that Justin is not having private weddings, and Megan doesn’t understand, but the fact that the Archbishop has not commented publicly needs to be addressed,” said Rev. Mark Edwards, a first-class priest from Newcastle. This comes after Reverend Mark Edwards decided to look into Megan’s allegations.


He indicated that he decided to look into Megan Markle’s allegations, because during the Corona outbreak, requests for private weddings arrived, which he was forced to refuse, and he says that “this allegation has caused confusion between the clergy and the spouses who are eager to marry, as he requests the Archbishop of Canterbury.” Justin Welby clarify the situation. “


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