New services from the interior … Get the chips and the resemblance while you are at home for 50 pounds (Details)


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The Ministry of Interior announced the provision of a criminal status journal extraction service through the smart phone application or through the Ministry of Interior’s online portal, in order to reduce the burden on citizens.

“Al-Masry Al-Youm” provides services to its readers, and explains the steps for extracting the Criminal Status Journal “Fish and Tashayh” and the papers required on the Internet.

Steps to extract the chips and an analogy through the website.

1- Entry HERE Through the ministry’s website.

2- Register your account or create a new account.

3- Open the Forensic Evidence section on the home page.

4- Select the automated criminal case sheet.

5- Completing the required data completely, selecting and making the electronic payment.

After completing the steps and recording its preservation, the newspaper will arrive two days later at the receiving address that was specified in the data, and the same service can also be obtained through the Ministry of Interior application via smart phones.

The steps for extracting the chips are urgent and receiving it on the same day.

1- Go to the applicant’s police station.

2- Bring the birth certificate if the applicant is less than 16 years old.

3- Submit 4 photographs.

4- Bring the national ID or passport.

5- Pay the prescribed fees for extracting chips.

6- In the event that the applicant is not authenticated for submission outside the country, it shall be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country to which he is heading.

Fees for extracting chips

50 pounds are the expenses of extracting the chips and simulation from the department belonging to him in the applicant, but in the case of submitting an application to obtain chips online through the Ministry of Interior website, 50 pounds will be paid in addition to the delivery fees at home, which are determined through the site.

In the event that a criminal fish extraction request is submitted from outside Egypt for citizens residing abroad, a request is written from the embassy for $ 20, and in the event of a request to translate the newspaper into English, the applicant is required to pay $ 25.

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