New warnings from the interior due to bad weather (Know them)


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The Ministry of Interior called on motorists to abide by the instructions of traffic officers during the period of dust storms and to follow the irrigated instructions to maintain their safety, and stressed that highways should not be used during dust storm activity during the current days unless absolutely necessary.

The Ministry of Interior warned citizens who drive cars quickly during the unstable weather conditions, and stressed the need to drive the car at a speed commensurate with the distance vision, while making sure of the safety of the vehicle in which it was said to move.

The Interior Ministry called on motorists not to stop on both sides of the road in places where it is difficult to see, while using parking lights until your car is visible to others.

The Ministry of Interior assured drivers of the necessity to use the warning triangle in case of breakdowns, to wait, with the stop to the far right, and the Ministry placed the number 01221110000 to call in case your car had a road breakdown.

It is noteworthy that the Meteorological Authority announced that Greater Cairo and most of the republican governorates will witness a dust storm coming from Libya today, Wednesday, and the coming days, with winds speed from medium to strong.

Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Weather Forecast Center at the Meteorological Authority, Director of the Weather Forecast Center at the Meteorological Authority, said that the coming days will witness activity in the movement of winds with the presence of excitement of sand and dust, which causes difficulty in vision.

Shaheen confirmed that the wind movement will witness exciting sand and dust, and it will advance to the governorates of Lower Egypt and Cairo, and will end this evening, Wednesday, with light rain falling in the governorates of Lower Egypt, it will be ineffective.

And Ban added that the activity of wind traffic will cause the suspension of maritime navigation in the Mediterranean and also the Red Sea due to the height of waves, which reach about 5 five meters.

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