Next-generation AirPods adjust volume based on the comfort of the ear


A new patent indicates that next-generation Apple AirPods and AirPods Max may be able to select different headphone tips and adjust volume accordingly, as the patent is titled “Identification of Cushioning Members in Personal Audio Devices”.

According to the Indian site gadgetsnow, the patent mentions a unique marking system for different sizes of earbuds tips and headphone cushions, and Apple AirPods and AirPods Max in the future may be equipped with a special mark sensor, and this device will enable reading these marks and automatically changing audio settings for earphones and headphones. .

“When the cushioning piece is attached to the earphone, the identification card is placed near the mark sensor in the earpiece, and the headset can read the identification card to determine the identification data for the speaker member,” the patent stated.

Apple is also looking for ways to make these tags negative, meaning that they do not require energy, and he may use negative NFC tags or some kind of mini RFID tags for himself, but nothing is clear yet.


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