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Wednesday 24 March 2021

Yesterday night, and until the early hours of this morning, Wednesday, witnessed many important events at the local and international levels, the most prominent of which were the following:

43 deaths … Health announces the Corona statement on Tuesday
The Ministry of Health and Population announced, on Tuesday, that 500 people recovered from the Coronavirus have been discharged from hospitals, after receiving the necessary medical care and recovery according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, bringing the total of those recovering from the virus to 150,924 cases until today.
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Egypt offers condolences to Niger for the victims of a terrorist incident in the southwest of the country
Egypt expressed its sincere condolences and sincere condolences to the sisterly Republic of Niger and the families of the innocent victims in the wake of the brutal terrorist incident, which targeted a number of villages in the southwest of the country, killing more than 100 people.
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Mostafa El-Feki: Egypt’s military operation against the Renaissance Dam is a complex matter that needs international support
Dr. Mustafa El-Fiqi, writer, thinker and head of the Library of Alexandria, said that the statements of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed about the second filling of the Renaissance Dam while not harming Egypt are an extension of the policy of evasion practiced by Addis Ababa, pointing out that Ethiopia does not recognize the historical right of Egypt and Sudan to the waters of the Nile.
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The Minister of Education reveals the date of the preparatory and secondary certificate exams
Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education, revealed the date of the preparatory and secondary certificate examinations.
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Education announces methods of assessing identity materials for international school students
The Ministry of Education announced the methods of assessing and controlling identity materials for international school students for the academic year 2020-2021.
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Education reveals the curriculum of the second term for the first and second secondary levels
The Ministry of Education and Technical Education revealed the curricula and curricula of the April exam for the first and second secondary grades, as alternatives to the second semester exams.
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New October Authority: 57% of the 75-square-meter social housing apartments are completed
Engineer Mohamed Abdel Maqsoud, head of the New October City Authority, said that the implementation rate of the 75-meter social housing apartments amounted to 57%, while the target achievement rate according to the timeframe was 44%.

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We publish the schedule of end-of-year exams for first and second secondary exams
The Ministry of Education and Technical Education decided to conduct the second semester exams for students of the first and second grades of secondary school, with two combined examinations at the end of April and the end of May at the school with secure and supervisory committees, and the exam is paper-based.

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Britain is considering a fine of 5,000 pounds on the violators of the travel ban abroad
The British may face a fine of 5,000 pounds if they leave the United Kingdom without a reasonable excuse, under the new Corona virus rules that come into effect next week, according to the British newspaper “Evening Standard”.
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Libyan Presidential: The government is determined to hold the elections on time
The head of the Libyan Presidency Council, Muhammad Al-Manfi, said that the government of national unity is working to unify institutions and achieve national reconciliation, stressing its intention to hold elections at the end of this year.
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Macron expresses his concern over Turkey’s attempts to “influence” the French elections
French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed concern that Turkey may try to influence the upcoming French elections.
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Saudi Arabia requires vaccination of all transport workers, starting mid-May
The Public Transport Authority in Saudi Arabia stipulated that all workers in public transport means, trains and bus drivers be vaccinated, as of mid-May.

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The Lebanese Kataeb Party: The resignation of the parliament is a “national necessity” to reconfigure the power
The Lebanese Kataeb Party called on the members of Parliament to submit immediate resignations from Parliament, especially the deputies who oppose the current parliamentary majority led by Hezbollah, indicating that Lebanon has “reached a dead end” as a result of the actions of the political system holding on to power.
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