Nile Eagles 2 .. An Egyptian-Sudanese air training at Marwa base, with the participation of Prof.


04:40 PM

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Books – Muhammad Sami:

The forces participating in the joint air training “Nile Eagles – 2” carried out a number of intensive training activities, the first stages of which began with indoctrination procedures and the method of organizing cooperation to standardize concepts and refine skills to manage joint air operations with high efficiency, as well as the implementation of many joint sorties to attack enemy targets and protect vital targets with the participation of A group of multi-tasking fighters.

This comes within the framework of the implementation of the joint air training activities “Nile Eagles-2”. Its activities are currently taking place at the Marwa Air Base in the sisterly Republic of Sudan, with the participation of elements from the Egyptian and Sudanese air forces and elements of the Thunderbolt forces of both countries.

The elements of the Saiqa forces on both sides continued training on storming and concealment operations and camouflage to carry out special operations and carry out several firing positions from different firing positions.

Lieutenant General Muhammad Othman Al-Hussein, Chief of Staff of the Sudanese Armed Forces, inspected the forces participating in the training and listened to a presentation of a summary of the training stages and followed up the flight operations and the work of training in the air.

He praised the clear harmony he had seen in the performance between the participating forces from both sides.

The training aims to achieve the maximum possible benefit for the elements participating in the planning and implementation of the management of air operations and to measure the readiness and readiness of the forces to carry out joint operations on the various objectives.

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