“No exceptions” .. Nader Saad: Everyone is committed to the precautionary measures


11:37 PM

Tuesday 30th March 2021

Books – Muhammad Khamis:

Counselor Nader Saad, spokesman for the Council of Ministers, revealed the reasons for not holding any Ramadan sessions during the month of Ramadan, saying: The sporting activity of professionals has its conditions linked to international obligations on the state and the precautionary measures that are applied within the scope of professionals are completely different from the procedures applied in the amateur activity Whether in closed or open places. “

Saad added in a telephone interview for the program “Happening in Egypt” on MBC Egypt today, Tuesday, that in the event of lack of commitment or discipline to the procedures that have been put in place in mosques or various places, there are precedents for major mosques that have been closed, the most famous of which is Al-Fateh Mosque. There was a decision to close it as a result of non-compliance, saying: “There is nothing big about the closure, nor exceptions towards anyone, and everyone is committed to the decisions of the Crisis Committee that were taken today.”

He continued, that there will be an emphasis on the implementation of all relevant ministries, whether with regard to wearing masks in closed places and means of transportation, or with regard to adherence to precautionary measures in congregational prayers, especially Tarawih prayers, stressing: “Inside the prayers, you will be prevented from entering the mosque if you are without A muzzle or prayer rug, and there are law enforcement authorities in major mosques and they are concerned with freeing and collecting fines from violators, and the mosque in which violations are recorded en masse will be closed immediately.

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