“No one stood me up” .. Details of Salah’s controversial picture with “Blogger” from Dr.


10:40 PM

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Books – Muhammad Khamis:

Blogger Nuran Khalil commented on the controversy over the photo that she collected with Mohamed Salah, and on the penetration of the medical bubble of the Egyptian national team camp, saying: “The gym in which the picture was taken is in its spirit for two years and I was going with a normal exercise and many times, the nature of the gym remains in it camps for teams and teams and the event Was not rare. “

“Nouran” added in her interview via “Zoom” to the program “A Final Word” on the “ON.E” channel today, Tuesday: “The team was in this gym several times in previous times, and this was the only time that she happened to be Salah and was able to catch The picture is with him.

And she continued: “I asked Salah to picture with him, and he was very nice and he took the picture with me, and I was already standing a little far away because I was afraid of Corona, and I imagined with him me and my friend, and in a number of my friends with him were about 6 or seven girls.”

And the blogger Nuran Khalil added: “I had the luck that my picture was the one that was spread among the pictures that were taken.” The gym is normally open to hotel guests and members. “


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