“Nomadland” is the favorite for the Oscar after Best Picture


And at a time pushed a pandemic Corona Virus Studios to postpone the release of their huge productions, “Nomadland” is again ahead of its main competitors “The Trail of the Chicago Seven” and “Mank” by “Netflix”, after this movie was about American “trailer residents” who roam the United States in their old vehicles (Most of them are not professional actors), it also won Best Dramatic Film in the awards. “Golden Globe“.

“France Press” quoted the film’s producer, Peter Spears, as saying: “In a year during which we all lived a lonely life and it seemed the movies Very necessary, we are proud to produce a film that addresses the community and brings us together. “

The association’s awards are a relatively reliable indicator of which businesses are likely to win the Oscars, which are given out at the end of April.

The association includes 8 thousand workers in the sector who own the decision in Hollywood.

It is the last 13 works that won an award Oscar For the best film, there were ten works before which she won the Association’s award.

Excel for video-on-demand platforms

The video-on-demand platforms received nominations in the race to Film awards This year, due to the fact that major production companies had to postpone the release of their productions, due to the closure of cinemas during the pandemic.

Netflix and Amazon alone won more than half of the nominations in the movie category for the Hollywood Producers Association Awards, but the win was ultimately given to Disney’s “Searchlight” Studios, which is the producer of “Nomadland”.

Disney also won in my category Animated films Through “Soul,” and TV movies by “Hamilton.”

As for Netflix’s consolation award, it won the award for best documentary thanks to “My Octopus Teacher,” which increased his odds of winning an Oscar.

Netflix also won the Best Short Series award for “The Queens GambitAnd the Best Drama Series Award for The Crown.

Not surprisingly, the final season of Sheets Creek won in the Best Category Comedy seriesMeanwhile, the British talk show “Last Week Tonight”, John Oliver, won the Association’s prize for the sixth consecutive year.


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