Now .. Dust and sand hit Cairo (photos)


01:07 PM

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Photography – Nader Nabil:

Greater Cairo is now witnessing a wave of winds loaded with sand and dust, reaching storm limits in the eastern regions and Sinai, accompanied by high temperatures.

This comes according to the reports issued by the Meteorological Authority regarding early warning of instability in weather conditions, starting from yesterday evening Monday, and which will continue until eight oclock in the evening, Tuesday, 3/23/2021.

It is expected that most of the governorates of the Republic will witness activity of winds, which will cause sand and dust to reach the threshold of a storm, and witness some changing weather phenomena.

The Meteorological Authority said in an urgent statement, under the title “air warning”, that from 11 pm on Monday until 8 pm Tuesday, the country will witness exciting winds activity of sand and dust, up to the extent of a storm, coming from Libya.

The authority added that wind speeds will reach 50 kilometers per hour, which leads to a deterioration of horizontal visibility, to reach less than 500 meters on desert roads and highways.

As for marine navigation, the state of the Red Sea will be turbulent and the wave height will be 3.5 meters, the red is turbulent and the wave height is 4 meters, the Gulf of Suez area is turbulent and the wave height is 5 meters.

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