Offers rain down on Juba Al-Ghanem, a professional in Italy


The Egyptian professional Ismail El-Ghanem, known as “Juba”, the player of the Italian team Anconitana – one of the clubs of the third division – has renewed his contract, until the end of the current season. Offers were poured in from several clubs in the Egyptian Premier League to obtain player services during the coming period, along with offers from the Gulf and offers from the Tunisian League.

Al-Ghannam was a player in the youth of Ghazal El-Mahalla, and he joined the Egyptian team, born in 99_ 2000, and he received many offers from Zamalek, Al-Masry and Al-Ismaili clubs to transfer, but Al-Ghazl club refused to leave him, and he played in the first team.

The Italian press described Al-Ghanem as the successor to Muhammad Salah. For his speed, he plays in the same position, with the same haircut.

“Juba” is one of the most prominent players in his team، Where he participated in 12 matches، He scored 4 goals، He made 6 goals for his teammates, and his team is ranked 1st in the Serie D girone H Ranking Table.


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