Olympic: We are waiting for the federation list to be reviewed


Hisham Hatab, President of the Olympic Committee, said that the committee is waiting to receive the list of the Egyptian Football Association for review and conformity to the General Assembly and then ratification, adding that Sarah Samir Al-Rabbaa of Egypt and the holder of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics bronze is legally suspended due to the doping crisis.

During radio statements for the program “With Schubert” broadcast on “Radio On Sport”, Hatab said: “It is in everyone’s interest to send the list for each federation, and upon delay we send letters to receive the list.”

He added, “The Football Association’s list includes 134 clubs, and we are waiting for their arrival to be reviewed and to ensure their conformity with the General Assembly.”

Regarding Sarah Samir’s crisis, he said: “Sarah and 5 others were present in the African Championship that was held in Morocco, and they were tested positive for doping. Therefore, according to the law, we cannot deal with any athlete who has been proven to have doped (even if he is a champion or wronged).

And he continued: “Legally, we cannot deal with them. The World Organization for Examination is the one that will issue its judgment on the matter, and accordingly it will determine whether or not it was subjected to injustice, and at that time we may appeal the decision and try to prove that the nutritional supplements that I took contained a percentage of stimulants.”

When asked about the date of holding the sports federations’ elections, he said: “The sports federations elections will be held after the Olympic Games (Tokyo Olympics) even if the tournament is not held, which means that after the eighth of August.”

He concluded: “With regard to clubs that are managed by a temporary committee, such as the Zamalek Club, it is legally entitled to, on the first of next July, to present its budget, establish a regular general assembly and hold its elections.”


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