Omani artist Zara Al Balushi announces her separation from her second husband after about a month (video)


Omani artist Zara Al Balushi announces her separation from her second husband after about a month (video)


Zara Al Balushi

The Omani artist residing in Saudi Arabia, Zara Al-Balushi, announced in a video clip circulating on social media that she has separated from her second husband, after a marriage that lasted only about a month.

About a month after her marriage, the Omani artist shocked the observers by announcing her separation from her second husband.

Zara revealed through a video clip that she “does not want to repeat the experience of not announcing her separation, similar to her first marriage, especially since she felt after her second separation that everyone blessed her with marriage, while it ended as well.”

She added, “She no longer cares much about divorce, especially since it is the second, and she has immunity to divorce, similar to the Corona vaccine.”

And she continued: “All of you will say, Why did Yazara go to the Halpost … because I feel that he is sitting with me, the same became when I separated from my first husband, Samir, the day I separated from Samir, what I announced, and everyone who sees me asks me about him and gives me peace, yesterday at the opening ceremony of the film the same thing. Before he blessed me for the film, he blessed me for marriage, so I felt that the same thing would be repeated with me .. I do not want anything or something wrong .. But I wish that no one would bless me or answer the biography of the subject of marriage. May God bless you twice … We should have taken immunity. He did not vaccinate Corona twice … I was away twice, I had immunity. ”

It is noteworthy that the Omani artist was married to the Saudi director Samir Aref, and in August of 2018 she revealed her divorce from him, confirming that the separation came because of a lack of compatibility between them and that their relationship is still good.

Zara Al-Balushi is a well-known actress in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who was able to present many distinctive works of art in the Kingdom, and the first dramatic work she performed was the series (Al-Sakinat fi Quloubina).

Source: Fuchsia + Twitter


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