On Nadia Al-Jundi’s birthday, I know her age and the number of her husbands


Celebrating actress Nadia El Gendy, Today, Wednesday, March 24, On her 75th birthday, she was born on this day in 1946, and she is one of the stars who has made many good roles, which remains a mark in the history of Egyptian cinema.

Nadia El-Gendy described her relationship with love – during her interview with the journalist Jessica Azar on the program “Al-Ahad Manki” on the “Al-Ghad” channel – as weak.

The “soldier” added that injustice also weakens her and that she has been exposed to a great deal of it, but she delegated her command to God every time, and denied the possibility of life for her without love, first because she is a very emotional and romantic Aries, then because the artist must be emotional and live Always in love.

Al-Jundi denied her marriage for the third time, and this denial was not the first. Rather, her third marriage was always the subject of rumors and she always denied it, confirming that she only married twice in her life.

And after the separation of the artist Emad Hamdy and the Egyptian screen, Shadia, he got to know Nadia Al-Jundi for the first time in the movie “Wife from the Street”, and she was only 15 years old at the time, and there was a kiss in the film that brought him together with a club, and the scene was repeated more than 7 times due to her confusion, Imad Hamdi was interested in her, and he delivered her and her mother daily after the end of filming, and indeed they got married, and she gave birth to her only son, Hisham.

The second marriage to Nadia Al-Jundi and the last announced was from director Mohamed Mukhtar, who worked In the diplomatic corps Before meeting her, he informed her of his desire to enter the field of cinema production, and showed her the novel “Al-Batiniya” and the film was shown in 1980.

It was not the last movie that Mukhtar produced for Nadia Al-Jundi, but rather “Wakelat Al-Balah” in 1982, and this cooperation resulted in the announcement of a life partnership, as they got married in the mid-eighties and separated after a marriage that lasted 20 years.


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